Eraser 5.3 on Windows 98, Second Edition


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I have recently downloaded Eraser 5.3 onto my Windows 98, Second Edition PC, and have been running it to delete various files over the past few weeks. Seems to work very well. However, I am now beginning to notice that the performance of my PC is slowly beginning to degrade. Mouse dragging is now sluggish, and screen paints seem to take longer. Also mouse clicks now seem to be ignored sometimes. None of this was an issue before installing Eraser. I realize the mouse problems MIGHT be a mechanical problem with the mouse itself, and I plan on trying to swap the mouse out to test this. However, the general system sluggishness would not be caused by a bad mouse.

I have looked for Eraser 5.3 work files which may have been accidently left behind, and might be "clogging up" my drive, but have found none. In addition, I have also defragged my drive, but this problem still persists.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be, and how it might be fixed?? Any help would be appreciated.


I would think the problem may be related to entropy polling.

Firstly uninstall what you have then install the latest version.
Under preferences unselect enable background polling

Let me know if this fixes your problems.