Eraser 5 & 6 on Windows 7 (64-bit)?

Nunov Yurbiz

New Member
Hi, I've been a long-time user of Eraser 5.x on Windows XP and Vista and really like it. I just got a new laptop running Win7 Home Premium 64-bit. I had tried Eraser 6.x and encountered issues where it wasn't deleting some of the scrambled directory folders near the end of the process. I then had to drill down and delete them manually, which kind of defeats the purpose and makes me question 6's reliability.

Needless to say, and no offense intended, but I don't think ver 6 is quite ready for prime time yet, as I never had these problems with 5.x on the prior OSes.

So, I'd really like to go back to 5.8.8 (which works on my Vista Ultimate 32-bit laptop). But before I do, can anyone tell whether they've successfully run 5.8.8 on Win7 64-bit? I don't want to trash my hard drive if it's not compatible.
You won't trash your hard drive with version 5.8.8 (which is no longer supported), but you may encounter some of the same problems as with Version 6. The issue is the various (unhelpful) security features introduced into Vista and later.

I agree that Eraser 6 is work in progress (but then so too, pretty much, was Eraser 5). With the usual caveats that apply to beta software, you might like to try a nightly development build. The recent builds cope rather better than 6.0.7 with the tendency of Windows to shut down Eraser when the free space on the drive is full, but before Eraser has been able to delete its own working files. There is still the odd issue, but not everyone experiences the problems, so I'll leave you to find them for yourself :)

If you are using development versions, PM Joel, and ask to join the Beta Test forum, so that you can report any problems there.