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Is there a way to have Eraser 5.6 as an icon on the desktop so that you can drag and drop files to be erased onto it?

This is on the list of todos. Plans are afoot to totally rewrite eraser.

On the subject of 5.6, the General Preference option for the Pseudorandom Number Generation is not mentioned in the help file or the release notes. I was not clear on what exactly background entropy polling would do.
Thanks for the update Ill add that into the help and read me.

Background entropy polling is only of use if you want to mask that a file was erased.

quote:Originally posted by admin
This is on the list of todos. Plans are afoot to totally rewrite eraser.


Why are you thinking of totally rewriting eraser? Sammy spent so much time creating such a great tool. What I like about eraser is that it has relatively few bugs at this stage. If you rewrite it, unless you are perfect, undoubtedly we will be dealing with bugs for quite some time until it stabilizes again. My vote would be to just maintain the existing eraser: fix any little bugs, keep current with new operating systems, optimize for speed, things like that.

Im curious, why would you want to completely rewrite something that works so well?
Are there plans to add an email shredder that can delete email securely without having to to manually erase the .dbx files in Outlook Express?
Unfortunately not, however it is something that others have been
The problem here is that the emails are generally stored in
database format i.e. several emails in one file, so that deleting a single email would be extremely difficult. And the email details would be scattered throughout the data table, making it virtually impossible to guarantee its removal.
What Garrett says is very true.

Heres my recommendation:
1) Store all your email on a seperate storage partition (with encryption enabled if that is an option).
2) Load you email client.
3) Send your unwanted email to your email clients recycle bin or trash can.
4) Empty trash in email client.
5) Compress all your email folders within the email client.
6) Close your email client.
7) Use eraser to wipe the empty disk space within the partition descibed in #1. Also wipe all cluster slack space in that partition.

I realize that is an amazing amount of work. But its the only way I know of that comes close to doing it. And its not 100% foolproof. It relies on your email client performing proper housekeeping.

And if you are really paranoid, you may want to add step 6.5: reload you email client and repeat steps 4-6. That way there is a slightly better chance that the email client has really performed all its housekeeping.

If somehas has a better way, please post.
The security of mail is becoming a real issue for companies as well as private individuals.

It is for this reason we are developing a server product for this market.

Our new product Snugserver will utilise SSL/TLS communication between mail/ftp/web servers and store emails as compressed/encrypted data in a database.

You should note that the very act of reading a mail would expose it to your cache. Wiping cache on shutdown would be worthwhile. Within the application, it should wipe the memory before freeing it so that applications that might access non-initialised memory would not accidentally see this.