Eraser 5.7 and Win XP


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Appreciate any help. On my old computer, Win ME, 1GHz, with Eraser 5.6, it took about 45 minutes to run its course. I now have Win XP, 3.2 GHz and Eraser 5.7. I figured the run time would be greatly reduced. Imagine my surprise when it took 2 1/2 hours. Does anyone have an explanation? Will going back to Eraser 5.6 help?

Well,the short answer is no. You do not mention the size of your HDD,but I suspect it is a lot bigger than on your old machine,and herin lies the rub! I presume you are talking about a free space wipe,and if it`s any consolation,it takes about 2.5hrs to do one pass on my 160gb HDD with a 3.0gb processor.
Not an awful incentive to be security concious is it,when experts suggest a minimum of 3-5 passes of random data to ensure reasonable security,but people seem to want even bigger HDDs these days.The only sure answer,as always, is to not put anything really vital on the HDD in the first place!So scribble those Swiss bank account numbers on a piece of paper,and keep on your person at all times!
Your right

Exactly, I went from a 40MB HHD to 186MB. And it would seem that the increase in processor speed doesn't speed up this process. What a disappointment. It took me 4 hours to run Eraser today. Thanks for the reply.
In an I/O intensive operation such as this, the processor speed is pretty much beside the point.

I was a systems programmer on IBM mainframes for many years and there was a comparison between the two processes that I found very interesting. If you scale up the times required such that the fetch/decode/execution of a single instruction took a whole second, then a typical I/O operation would last about three days!