Eraser 5.7 question



I just installed Eraser 5.7 on both my PC's. I tested it on my first system by wiping the free space on the drive. It worked great. I then installed the same version on my newer system. I noticed that there seems to be a differance in the way the status bar shows during a cleaning/wipe, between the two PC's. On one system, I get a popup before the cleaning operation is started, asking if I want to continue. After clicking yes, I get a nice twin status bar window showing the % completed, the time left, etc. On my newer system, I did not get the popup asking if I was sure I wanted to continue, and the status bar is a single bar in the lower left of my screen, that lacks all the neat info that is displayed on my other system. Is there a reason for this? I do know there is a huge hardware difference between the two systems. One being that one of the PC's has SATA drives, and the other has the older style hard drives. I appreciate any help!