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I ran eraser 5.7 to erase unused space on the C:\ drive. I used the 1 pass option. Before starting eraser I had 6GB of free space on my hard drive. After running it I had 2GB of free space. I would have thought that the amount of free space on the c:\ drive would not have changed as a result of running eraser in this way. Has anybody else experienced this problem ? Does anyone know how I reclaim the "lost" free space ?


Eraser clears usused disk space, in part, by creating a series of files composed of random data. What likely happened is that something interrupted the erasing process, and the bogus files didn't get deleted as they would normally have after the drive space was filled.

Check in your root directory (C:\) for a bunch of files with nonsense file names (composed of random characters), and if you find them, delete them.

Of course, be sure the ones you're deleting are the right ones. All the files in question should have the same length file name composed of random characters.
Kythe - Thanks for the reply

Kythe - Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately there aren't any files like that in the root directory.