Eraser 5.7


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I was referred to you and Eraser 5.7 by Piriform. I have an older computer with an EIDE hard drive and Windows 98 OS installed on it which I want to donate. I have removed all the files from it which I want to keep (e-mail, address book, documents and files I created). If possible, I would like to leave the OS and other programs which could be of use to someone else on it.

Questions: 1. Does Eraser 5.7 remove selected files or does it erase the entire hard drive?

2. I looked at the downloads for Eraser 5.7 and see there are two files:
Eraser57 zip and Eraser 57Setup zip. What is the smaller file for and does it need to be
installed along with the setup file?

Thank you.
both need the installer unless you search sourceforge for the portable version of eraser
I need Eraser 5.7.1 for an old Windows 2000 machine that still works great. I searched the download page and only found links to download v6.0.10

I'd appreciate some help in downloading v5.7.1