Eraser 5.8.7 portable


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Im German, sorry for my bad english.

I use the Eraser portable.

When i erase files (f.e.: e:\Download\Programs\a.txt, b.txt, c.txt), there appear some Files in the upper Folder (e:\Download\Programs\) for seconds and disappear then. I copy some names and search in Google for "eraser and *name-of-thefile*" but i couldnt find anything special about.

Names are f.e.:

I know their normaly c:\Windows\system32 files, but how they appear in e:\Download\Programs\ then? When i see the files, they have 0 bytes and i cant copy them. Is it a part of the erasing process that these files appear?

Thanks in advance.
It is the plausible deniability feature. It will replace those erased files with system files to hide the fact that the file previously there was erased.