Eraser 5.8.8. unable to uninstall


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got a strange problem with Eraser 5.8.8.
I already have installed Eraser 6.0.6, but somehow it didn't remove the file names of the deleted files, so i searched the internet and found out, that some older version of Eraser had some extra options for just doing that. Now i found out that Eraser does that automatically in newer versions (even in 5.8.8, didn't found that option), so i wanted to uninstall Eraser 5.8.8. again and use the 6.0.6 version instead (that is already installed). But now, whenever i try to uninstall Eraser the uninstaller tells me, that Eraser is already running.
I removed the 5.8.8. Eraser version from Startup (via msconfig), but the problem is still there.
I am unable to uninstall Eraser 5.8.8.
Can someone help me? (in the HKCU\...\Run directory eraser isnt present at all).
Uninstall 6.0.6 (if it is 6.0.6; 6.0.7 is incorrectly labelled in its window). Then try uninstalling 5.8.8 again. If that doesn't work, we shall need to remove as many traces of both applications manually; at that point we would need to know which version of Windows you are using, and as much of the exact sequence of events as you can recall.

To remove 5.8.8 you'll probably need to kill the Explorer process since it loads the entire of Eraser into its memory for the shell extension.
I was able to uninstall it by preventing 6.0.7 (yeah, it wasn't 6.0.6) from autostarting as well, then i could deinstall 6.0.7 and 5.8.8 and after that reinstall 6.0.7.
Thx for help
Thank you for posting your results. Your method will be useful for others in a similar situation.