Eraser 5.8 Crash on Windows XP


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Hey I have just upgraded to Eraser 5.8 and I am experiencing a crash in Eraser everytime it tries to wipe free space.

OS Windows XP SP2; 2 Gb Ram

Error for Eventvwr
Event ID 1000
Faulting application eraser.exe, version, faulting module eraser.dll, version, fault address 0x00019e34.
Under "Edit/Preferences/General" tab, none of you have a check-mark in "Enable background (slow) entropy polling", right?

Other than that, the only reason I see for what you're experiencing is that perhaps the copy on the d/l server has become corrupted somehow, because I'm running 5.8 here on XP Pro with no problem (other than the fact that I'm not using the "Ist and Last 2k" option on either freespace or files since it hasn't been fixed yet). Pete