Eraser 5.82 crashes on exit


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Hi there,

I love Eraser, it's a wonderful utility. I have a small problem with it: the program crashes whenever I exit, regardless of what I was doing with it. The error message I receive says: "Eraser. has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

I do not get this error when I use the erase command on selected files in Windows. The error only occurs when I have opened the Eraser program itself and attempt to exit it. I am using Eraser 5.82 on Windows XP SP2.

It is not a major problem, but I am wondering if there is an easy fix, and if this issue might affect the integrity of erasings I have done.

Thanks very much.
I am having the same problem after upgrading from 5.7. I have posted a new thread to see if anyone out there can help. If on one can suggest a solution then perhaps it is a bug, and should be reported as such.

Anyway, I have gone back to 5.7 and all is okay. This version is still available for download, so you could try it and hope that 5.83 will work better.