Eraser 5.82 trashed my system!


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I thought the first and last 2k option was supposed to be safe now for normal file erasing? I'd never used it till last week when I decided to erase a thumbnails folder created by The GIMP. The folder contained 3Gb of files so I used the first/last 2k option for the sake of speed. Restarted my computer and got the message 'Operating system missing'. Great :evil:

So why is this option still in Eraser if it still has such potential for destroying OS's? (I've solved the problem permanently and gone back to 5.7, I don't want the risk of a program with such a dangerous option on my system)

(Using WinXP Home, Eraser 5.82 BTW)
You cannot do a freespace erase with the first/last 2k option in the latest version.

If you did an erase of just the folder then you should not have had this issue.

Have you checked the physical HD?

I didn't do a freespace erase, just that one folder I mentioned (that is what I said) and the HD is fine. I deliberately didn't update to version 5.8x till the first/last 2k bug was ironed out and have been using 5.82 for a couple of months now without a problem but have never used the first/last 2k option till this incident (partly because of not wanting to risk it even if it was safe but mainly because the 1 or 3x overwrite is plenty fast enough for my needs).

So you can understand my annoyance I'm sure, but my main reason for posting was just to report the problem. If there is any further information that would be of use let me know and I will supply it.