Eraser 5.83 Beta - New Release 13-Mar-2007


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Fixed lots of little issues the main ones being:

*After unchecking all the "Erasing Report" inj the preferences dialog it seems Eraser (v5.8.2) still displays one Erasing Report dialog, this happens after erasing the recylce bin,
*In Windows explorer the key combo alt+f, m which should give you the system option to rename a file is being over ridden by "Eraser Secure Move".
*It would be great to be able to specify the wipe type on scheduled tasks

*given the directories

I would like to be able to delete all 3 "directory1" with one scheduled task entry
*Add support for wildcardss anywhere in the path and not just at the end eg: "c:\*\directory1"
*Implement Bruce Schneier's 7 pass wipe method (from Applied Cryptography) 1 pass all ones 2nd pass all zeros 5 passes with a CSPRN
*The bug in random number generator - rendom entropy polling locking the pc

download from

WARNING: This is beta software, test in a controlled environment and make sure backups are made and verified, of any data before using.
great stuff, pretty much everything I'd asked for :)

I'll test this out in the morning (I know it's a month late but only seeing this now) and give feedback
eraser 5.83

1) Use proper version numbers. This includes betas
Tested with 5.83b2 (2007-03-13). This makes it so
much easier to report bugs and be able to tell you
in exactly what version

2) On the erasing preferences - unused disk space:
the pattern wipe numbers jump from 4 to 6

3) On the wild card erasing support. I use the following
test set up


In the scheduler under the "files on mask" section I add

Under 5.83b1 (2070310)this erred with files could not be erased
Under 5.83b2 (20070313)this appears to do nothing when you select
run or run now, and the files are intact on the drive.