Eraser 5.83 new beta


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The erasing function of recyle-bin is usable (beyond to the base use) as grouping of files of several directory that they will be erased in block. Having disabled the selection (in recycle-bin) of the erasing method, setting up it of default to only passage, you have crippled the software.
I think that he means that at present in the 5.82 version that the erase files preferences are applied to files in recycle bin as well. However, in the 5.83 beta version from 03/13/2007 that this does appear to be the case. Erasing the contents of recycle bin in the 5.83 beta version from 03/13/2007 always seems to use some 1 pass method even if say Gutmann is chosen as the Erasing Files Preference. This does seem to be a bug.

In the new beta (13-Mar-2007), the button for the selection of the method of erasing does not exist in the windows “Confirm Erasing of Recicle Bin” and the method appied is only the "one pass".

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