Eraser 5.84 requires W2K?


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I'm donating an old computer running Win98 and would like to use Eraser to wipe the hard drive. According to the specs, it supposedly works on Win95 and newer; but when I try to download v. 5.84, it says it requires at least Windows 2000. What should I do? (This is somewhat urgent, since the recipients need the computer in the next day or two.)

If you are donating an old computer and want to wipe the whole hard drive. Wouldn't Dban be a better choice, you can download it from its web page Then you can put windows 98 back on the computer if you have the instillation CD. But if you just want to Erase individual files then use Eraser 5.7, I understand time is an issue.
Got the right version - thanks! (I wanted to leave Win98 on if possible, since the CD is in another location, and the recipients need the computer right away.)

I much appreciate your quick replies,