Eraser 5.84 wont delete a cluster tip locked help :-(

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I'm running windows vista home premium-32 bit, CPU is 1.73 GHZ, RAM 1014 MB, and 110 GB on the hard drive, only one drive C:, and Eraser 5.84...

Heres the problem; i was downloading some videos from lime wire and i used eraser 35 passes to delete most of them, but 2 videos (files) would not delete and i could not even rename them nothing! so i tried to delete them using safe mode, that did not work, they would not delete even after i shut everything down, they where locked or being used my another program I'm guessing!?!

so what i did to get rid of them, i deleted the whole folder which was named my music and they where gone; and just made a new folder for my music ..but there still on my hard drive i can see the very long file names when i do a; erase unused hard space and there the first files that come up as cluster tips, then windows says theres a problem and then says windows is restarting which is does and i try it again, same thing when it reaches that long file name which i can see it wont delete that locked or being used files that i deleted to my hard drive, now if i un-tic erase cluster tips it will work fine, but i want those 2 locked long file names deleted!

i have tried to delete them using safe mode then running the clean unused dick space and trying other programs that delete unused dick space nothing works there locked or being used and i feel that might be virus! i know now i should have found a program that can unlock then or shut the process down before i deleted the files to my hard drive!

does anyone know what i can do to delete these 2 files that are cluster tips i want them off my hard drive but please make it simple for me or a step by step I'm a newbie thanks guys!! Rina :oops:
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