Eraser 5.85 Beta 5

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As I know nothing about what you are doing here Joel, what sort of things do you want me to ask ? :?

I know you want code in C# but I don’t know how to ask the question you want answering. If you post it here I will go and ask for you if you like.

If you give me a list of question (as technical as you like because I will only be passing them on) I can try to help find some answers for you. :wink:

Perhaps if others here know anyone who is a programmer they could also try to help find the answers ?


Just thought I would post back here to say I noticed you have added another fix on Source Forge. I didn’t know there were still bugs in V5, it looks like you are fixing bugs no one else has found yet !!!! :lol:

Great stuff ! :wink:
Hi there:)
Just registred to say thank you for a good product.
However, I have a bug to report on the x64 vista version.
The explorer right-click does not appear. The recycle bin is working, but not the right-click in Explorer.
Hi mr.brownstone

Welcome to the forums and thank you for your bug report.

You'll have to wait for Garrett on this one. I don't have a 64 bit edition of Vista :(
Please bug this, by the way. Assign it to Garrett somehow...
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