Eraser 5.87-beta 1 Portable

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Hello all,

I've got a Portable version of Eraser set up and compiled for Win32, you can find that here: Extract it and run Eraser.exe, settings will be stored in an INI file in the same directory.

Usual hashes:
MD5: c9ed6120b7dd94ef5f6228b9b9570459
SHA-1: 16aae2e6779872b7d443650f4ddbbe8480df8684fe39d7450c49fa2f1de8e6ca92b7772ac3bebbbb774a86bbf4214314ed86a6a0
SHA-256: e49e50e9209f5d6a8c54d4b569040dfea1532783526632364f4f9c53c4e0111d9b4de47855
WHIRLPOOL: 514ccf815b5931abcc5cb7f07a792a6095824b22c566d368b21910

The bugs mentioned in the earlier thread about the beta installer has not been fixed, I'll fix them soon and release a new version. Do test the portable version for registry keys and files left behind on the computer and for any bad or missing functionality and report back.

I've re-released the Portable version.

New hashes:

MD5: 9873473fff3e04b84f76e17b176406d5
SHA-1: 9648fe6b6d7be1cd524374a345c7ae7a0263d303
SHA-256: 3822f8c77c75611d6ab6bcc686107f9eed7b836ce677bcd52afd2d7644de07cc
Whirlpool: 5e800e28215bb1926dae42740c672c1676b2068d97e4082b6ed8444bbcb70ede1de85b776e9e90c3ef4ab7e5208efd99ad6cf10e4832e0dd0d8b3f8bf5df8660

This fixes a path error for storing default.ers

A few (3) last registry keys and this will be completely portable/stealth.


The Eraser code do not have references to these entries. They don't seem to be created by the running of Eraser. Perhaps they have been left behind from an old install? Do check and get back to me.

EraserL is already standalone, in the normal distribution. You can install eraser on a trusted computer and use EraserL from there.

Sorry, poor wording I guess. I meant a portable version of EraserL that doesn't require the VC++ libraries to be installed (ie statically linked). Just like the Eraser version in this thread. I just need the commandline functions for scripting and automation etc.

Unless I'm mistaken and this portable Eraser still DOES require the runtimes to be installed?? Can you clear that up for me?
Ah. I see. I'll do that.

Yeah the portable ones do not need the runtime.

There aren't issue with this, right?

Well there aren't anything that has come to my attention that needs urgent fixing so this beta can be used for everyday purposes if you so choose. But it is a beta still.


The link posted only contains eraser.dll and eraser.exe.
Are you planning to release a portable eraserl.exe (ie the command line version)?

I check this forum daily for updates, but it seems to me that no one is working on this software lately. I read about a 'version 6', but it's surely a long time in coming, if indeed ever. The 'Portable beta' version also seems to be in limbo. Is this entire project dead ? :-( Updates, please ? ? ?
>>Is this entire project dead ? Updates, please ? ? ?

Far from it. Eraser is free, we work on it as our spare time permits.


OK I'll ask again :) . Is there any progress on a portable eraserl.exe 5.87b1 (command line version)?

As someone else wrote recently in this thread and considering how often eraser is NOT updated, I fear the worst also - that this fine product is dead. It has been a l-o-n-g time between releases... :-(
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