Eraser 5 wont uninstall


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I having some trouble. I forgot to uninstall eraser 5 before I installed eraser 6. I know eraser 5 is still there because I see the eraser menu from the right click menu of the recycle folder. How can I get rid of this program?
You need to uninstall both Eraser 5 and Eraser 6 (if there are entries for both in your list of installed programs), delete any install folders and, ideally, any Eraser related keys you can find in the Registry; if you are not comfortable using the Registry editor, using a checker such as the tool in CCleaner may work as well. Then reinstall Eraser 6.

To uninstall Eraser 5, you need to start the uninstaller, then when the uninstaller complains that Eraser is still running (Eraser is loaded into explorer regardless of use), kill the explorer process and proceed with the uninstall.