Eraser wont work on my windows xp


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I installed Eraser and every time it starts up it has this come up and wont run.


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I installed without any other versions of eraser on my PC, I just tried Eraser and it works fine but Eraser will not work (never had eraser 6.1 build on this PC.
I know, follow the instructions anyway.
I took out eraser 6.0.6 and the file from eraser 6 folder in the app data and it still has same problem. eraser 6.0.7 installed and the eraser 6 folder and Task List.ersx file does not exist.
The folder does exist, but it is hidden, so you have to have viewing of hidden files and folders enabled. In XP, the path is

%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Eraser6\Task List.ersx

Just enter %USERPROFILE% in a run box; Explorer will open in that folder, and you can find the file from there. Please also read the FAQ; Joel and I are only repeating what is already there.

Deleted Task List.ersx from Eraser 6 folder and still same problem. (Eraser 6 folder created from Eraser 6.0.6 because i tried 6.0.6 and it works).


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This problem can be a bit persistent. But if you uninstall Eraser 6 (and remove any part of Eraser 5 if you still have bits of that left on your machine), remove the Task list and Registry keys manually, then run a registry cleaner (such as the one in the free CCcleaner), the problem always clears, or at least it does for me, when you reinstall Eraser 6.0.7, which is the current 'stable' version, and the one you should use.

I have an XP PRO SP3. I have tried doing all that has been suggested and it includes: (1) cleaning out registry keys, (2) cleaning out all the Local Settings file, (3) deleting the Program Files folder, (4) rebooting. All to no avail. Eraser 6.0.6 loads and works just fine.
Did you delete the Task List.ersx file? That is most often the culprit, and you didn't mention it specifically.

If all else fails, use a Nightly build and obtain a crash dump.