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Is there a way to keep Eraser from starting when Windows starts? If I can remember, v5 allowed this in the settings, but I cannot find anywhere in v6 an option to prevent Eraser from starting when Windows starts. Maybe I will need to modify the registry?

tgell said:
Is there a way to keep Eraser from starting when Windows starts?
No, and that's by design. Eraser needs a running process for a number of reasons, the main one of which is so that it can co-exist better with UAC and other Windows security measures.

We are used to regarding programs that start with Windows with some suspicion; so many of them are not needed. Eraser is, perhaps, something of an exception; certainly, I see no sign on my systems (including an old, low spec XP laptop) that it is a resource hog.

The plan, as I understand it, is that with Version 6.2 the running process will become a service, thereby embedding Eraser within the system. If, like me, you think that this is something that should have been provided in Windows, this will be a welcome development.

When I kill the Eraser process in the task manager and start the application again, it works as expected, at least for my purposes. Considering this fact and because I use Eraser only from time to time don't see any need for running it all the time. Therefore it would be very helpful if you include a checkbox to prevent Eraser form automatically running at windows startup. Only users which are aware that the software may then not provide all functions as you have mentioned can deactivate Eraser at their own risk.

In the meantime this can be achieved by deactivating the registry startup entry using Autoruns or by removing it manually from the registry:
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Re: Eraser 6.0.x autostart

Eraser 6.2 will have an option not to start Eraser with Windows (as Eraser 5 did).

You don't need to use Task Manager. Just right-clicking on the Eraser tray icon and selecting 'Exit Eraser' will do the job. Also, as you have discovered, with recent versions, you can disable the start with Windows (using the run box to start the built in msconfig program saves you the job of downloading and installing another application), and Eraser will still start normally from a program icon or Start menu entry.