Eraser 6.0.7 "Settings Options" not available.


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Hi. Win XP. Old user of Eraser 5.3. Did XP uninstall. Downloaded 6.0.7 from Softpedia.
1st install, Eraser.exe did not appear in directory. Upon trying reinstall, used program "repair option". Eraser.exe did appear. Did Reboot.

Went to program setup. On setup page, 3 options for "Erase settings" were blank, and a red ! was blinking. It said, "An invalid file erasure method was selected."

Did XP uninstall. After reading this forum, went to "Docs. & Settings.* and deleted eraser 6 file.

Downloaded 6.0.7 from Exact same problem; no settings options.

I know this stuff is complicated. I've been a happy user of Eraser 5.3 for years. For now, I'll try 5.8.8. I'm new here, and didn't see a "Please Donate" button. Do you take PayPal? Thanks for your support, and for being here. Marc
Before you go back to Eraser 5.8.8 (which, incidentally, is no longer supported), let's try to get 6.0.7 working for you.

My instinct is that you still have the remains of a failed install on your machine, and that might interfere with any Eraser installation. If you haven't already done so, uninstall Eraser 6. Then delete all traces of Eraser in the file system; in particular delete any Eraser folder you find in Program Files, and also the Eraser 6 folder that resides in the (hidden) Application Data folder inside your User folder. If you didn't uninstall Eraser 5.3, you need to get rid of all traces of that as well. Then run a Registry cleaner, such as the one in (the free) CCleaner. Then try reinstalling Eraser 6.

The best place to download Eraser files is the Eraser homepage. This also has a link for donations. Eraser is written by volunteers, and released under the GPL.

You also need the Root Certificates Update... which I will now proceed to find the link.