Eraser 6.0.7 Showing as Version 6.0.6

If I'm the first to notice this, than I'm quite surprised!

I downloaded version 6.0.7 and installed it, when opening the program, on the top right it says "6.0.6". The banner hasn't been changed in this most recent update! This doesn't affect the program's functionality but it confused me, it made me double check to see if I downloaded the correct version. When going to "Help ---> about Eraser" it says it is in fact version 6.0.7.

You should change the banner, it will take less than 5 minutes to do. :D
When 6.0.7 came out in April, we told Joel this, and he said that he didn't want to have two versions of essentially the same build in circulation. So that's the way it's been for six months now. At this late stage, the best thing Joel can do is release version 6.0.8, which I believe is due out shortly. Provided that one is properly marked, as there will be every reason to upgrade, the issue will then soon go away.

I think 6.0.8 fixes a large number of use-bugs (not necessarily usability ones) so it's definitely worth waiting for. I am aiming for a release within the next few days, assuming that basic tests work fine (I'll be sending out a candidate build to testers in a short while)