Eraser 6.0.7 won´t erase Folders

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my english skills aren´t the best so please be patient.

Since Version 6 i´ve got a Problem with Eraser. For exaple if i want to erase 10 Files in 1 Folder - i right-click the Folder and press "Eraser > Erase". The Problem is, the Files will be erased but the Folde won´t. Here is a Screenshot, i think you will understand the Problem:

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with Version 5.x.x i dont get that error. Windows 7 Home Premium x64.
Same version of Windows and of Eraser as you, and I don't get the error. Aren't computers wonderful :)

I'd guess that the problem may lie in the fact that your test folder is in the root of the system drive. Try (1) erasing another folder at a lower level (e.g. inside your test folder) to see if that works, and (2) running Eraser 'elevated'. Instructions for doing the latter can be found in the Eraser FAQ (link below); there is a topic at the top of the list with links to the more common questions, including how to run elevated.

Hope this helps.

Windows error 2 is "The file cannot be found" so I'm guessing the folder is already gone, just that Explorer isn't reflecting that fact. Try refreshing the folder.