Eraser 6.0.8 Completed with errors (wiping free space)


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I'm new to eraser and I get the "Completed with errors" thing immediately after running Eraser for Free Space. Trying to run it manually. I feel like I'm the one doing something wrong and wondered if there's something I could do to fix my noobness (is that a word?). lol

Also, got turned onto Eraser by reading about someone who claimed they use it to wipe remnants left after deleting a Sandboxie box. I still cant figure out how to do that either. Apparently I am supposed to point Sandboxie to eraserl.exe but I cannot find a file by that name, just the eraser application file.
That could be the fault of Sandboxie (3.50 64bit) though.

Running W7 64bit on a Gateway Laptop NV59
core i5 432m
4 gig DDR3 1066
Seagate 320 g
There is no eraserl.exe in Eraser 6.x. If you managed to delete the Sandboxie file, erasing free space should have cleared it.

As regards the 'completed with errors' message, the important thing is to know what the task log says. Please read the 'Getting to know Eraser6' topic in the FAQ, which answers most new users' questions.

OK I went over the faq and disabled my antivirus (ms security essentials). I learned that I can run the command from my C drive icon. It works from there. It will not from the Eraser Schedule window by right clicking on the task name and clicking run, which is how I was trying to operate it.

Thanks also for the heads up on the Sanboxie issue, I figured it was there mistake.

: )
If the task is properly configured, it should run from the schedule. On Vista and Windows 7, you need to be running Eraser as Administrator to erase free space (again, more info. in the FAQ topic).

Running from the shell context menu when Eraser is not running has the effect of running Eraser as an administrator.