eraser 6.0.8 not working on folder with right click


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So I read the FAQ. I got eraser working on my Windows 7 system using run as administrator (after killing the process in the taskbar).

Anyway the problem I think that I have found is when I right click on a folder the Eraser context item seems to be there, but Eraser seems to be unable to understand that it is a directory and not a file.

I get a message that the task has completed with errors. In the log, it says "Value does not fall within the expected range".

I can manually delete the same folder using new task / files in folder with "run immediately" option and it works. I would really like to see this work with right click and hopefully it's just a matter of being able to see what type of object was selected when creating the task. Going through the new task option and finding the exact folder can be cumbersome particularly because it doesn't seem to remember your last location.

I will say that eraser is a great program and I've been recommending it to people.

Do you have a business (site) license policy?

To answer the last question first, Eraser is open source software, and uses the GNU license. It is therefore free to download and redistribute under the terms of that license. If all you want to do is install multiple copies at your site, that is covered; you normally need to check the license only if you want to use, amend or redistribute the source code.

As regards your context menu problem, the error message has been reported before, but in several different contexts and not in a form in which it can be reproduced by Joel. The context menu works perfectly well on my Win7 machines. So what follows is a best guess.

The message was probably generated by .NET rather than Eraser as such. If so, there is likely to be an installation issue. Try uninstalling Eraser, deleting its folder in %LOCALAPPDATA%. and using the registry Editor to search for and delete all Eraser-related registry entries you can find. Then reinstall Eraser. No guarantees that it will work, I am afraid, but it's the best I can offer.

I'm not sure if a nightly build still is accessible on the server, if it is, you can get the latest nightly, join the Beta group on the forum and enable the BlackBox plugin. That should detail the cause of a crash and allow some debugging.
Joel said:
I'm not sure if a nightly build still is accessible on the server ...
Unfortunately the nightly builds are still unavailable, though 6.0.8 can still be downloaded. In this case, I too would have suggested trying a nightly build if it were available.

Alright, let me try to fix it.