Eraser runs as administrator by default?


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Eraser doesn't actually need elevation to erase normal user files, right? Isn't it better to trigger elevation only when necessary (wipe disk, etc.)? The default elevation behavior could bring problems when integrating with other software such as Sandboxie.

I can disable the default elevation by changing the compatibility settings of "%ProgramFiles%\Eraser\Eraser.exe" for now. However, I'm concerned about the direction Eraser is taking.
This feature is more a user support issue to cut down on endless emails.

>>I'm concerned about the direction Eraser is taking
I can understand user support issue. Although, in the future, could Eraser start as standard user by default, but ask for elevation when certain features (wipe disk, erase system file, etc) are used?

I was concerned if Eraser would make this default elevation behavior a built-in feature instead of a compatibility setting. Then I would have no way to disable it.