Eraser 6.2

As of now the branches are synchronised, but later in the year 6.2 will have more features applied than Eraser 6. I can't detail what's going to change yet, but it'll diverge soon. Check the Trac timeline to see which branch has got what changes.
Thanks for the quick reply.
I have clean installed Eraser 6.2 r1485 and the Eraser about dialouge is showing version not version 6.2
Have I installed this incorrectly?
Well they're still synchronised, so the 6.0.x version doesn't yet change. The 6.2 is there only because in the development tree 6.2 is trunk, 6.0 is a branch (I'll be applying fixes to 6.0 branch then forwrdport to trunk later since this makes more sense IMO)