Eraser 6 kills computer performance

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I changed to Eraser 6 from Eraser 5 because Eraser 5's windows integration did not work very will with Windows 7. But I am not liking Eraser 6. Whenever I erase something, especially if it is a large file, Eraser seems to totally take over all my CPU and my system grinds to a halt. I find myself keeping a list of things I want to erase and then erasing them when I know I am going to be away from my computer for a while because while Eraser is running it grinds my computer to a halt. I hope a future release will have the option to change this so it doesn't kill system performance. BTW, Eraser 5, didn't see to have these problems. With Eraser 5 I could start erasing something and continue using my computer with no apparent performance problems caused by Eraser.
This is curious, because my experience has been exactly the opposite; generally, Eraser 5 hogged my machines more than Eraser 6 does now.

Are you using the default erasing method (Gutmann, 35 pass) for erasing? Current thinking is that, on modern drives, files are effectively non-recoverable even with a single pass. I use a 3 pass method to be on the safe side.