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This is a long shot hope that someone here has this.

I am looking for (or can create with some guidance) an Eraser 6.0.9 plugin to use with UBCD4Win. I love the way the latest and greatest Eraser works. I am re-doing my build for UBCD4Win and want to include Eraser. Being able to securely and totally erase certain media using a RAM OS is what I am looking for.

There really are some smart folks here. Anyone have a plugin they made? I can get you an email addy if you have one. I am not afraid to create my own with some guidance. Anyone?

Joel, I'ld be surprised if such a plugin didn't get downloaded quite often if it was available. Just a thought!!
Firstly, I agree with you that, particularly now that DBAN is unsupported and effectively obsolete, there is a real need for a version of Eraser that will work in a separately bootable environment. But I think that what you need is not a plugin for a version that integrates into a standard Windows installation, but a properly portable version of Eraser that will work directly in UBDC4Win (or whatever).

Joel has repeatedly said that he would like to produce a portable version of Eraser 6, but that Eraser 6.2 is first in the queue (and that in itself will be some time coming!). In the meantime, the portable version of Eraser 5.8.8 is still downloadable, and it still works. Getting it to work under UBDC4Win would be a very useful step forward. Remembering the restrictions that Microsoft placed on BartPE (I haven't used UBDC4Win), this may not necessarily be straightforward.

I think the first thing we would need is to get .NET working in UBCD4Win (Otherwise, at least Mono.) I don't find any references to that having been achieved, so until that's done I'll have to wait for that to happen.

It's a bit too late to rewrite everything in unmanaged code now.
If this is found to work, documenting step by step instructions for creating a WinPE boot disk with Eraser installed might be something we could link to Eraser 6.2 when it emerges.

I suggest that anyone who wants to experiment should use a recent 6.1 nightly build they have found to work (nightlies can be buggy!) and .NET 4, because the new AdK seems to be associated particularly with Windows 8.

I've looked at it, it does seem indeed to be a standard WAIK (old name)/ADK packaging process. Let us know if you got it working; we can set up an FAQ entry for you.
Now i've created a PE, following the instructions at the Link.
The sample .Net program in the comments of this topic works.
I've copied the Eraser Folder into this PE an now i got an error-message, that .Net isn't enabled.

Maybe is there any reg-key for eraser, which point on the .Net Framework?

P.s.: Im sorry for my terrible english, i'm not a nativ speaker...
If there anything you don't understand, please ask me :roll:
No, the .NET framework manages itself internally and I'm not aware of specific keys it looks for.

You could also have installed the wrong version: Eraser 6.0 uses .NET 3.5 SP1; Eraser 6.2 uses .NET 4.0
Yes, thats right. I've installed the latest stable Version.
So, i'm going to try it with a nightly build....
Let me know how it goes.
Yeah, Eraser starts... (Eraser
And on the third click i've got the first Unhandled Exception...
If i have the time, i take a second to look in the Trac system, if its new or not.
(New Task -> Add Data -> Klick on "Browse" --> Exception)

Let me try some features, then i give a Feedback how it works...
You can enable the BlackBox plugin to collect crash dumps and stack traces. You don't have to upload them, but you can at least post a stack trace here.
I'm sorry but we stopped developing a deleting-solution with eraser...
So now i have to do researches in my private time..

For now here is a first interim report...

How to build a x86 PE with ADK and Eraser 6.1 Beta booting from USB:

1. Download and install Microsoft ADK

2. Create a Folder an your Disk (e.g. C:\WinPE)

3. Ceate a Mount-Folder on your Disk (e.g. C:\Mount)

4. Copy "winpe.wim" from C:\Program Files\Windows Kits\8.0\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\x86\en-us to C:\WinPE

5. Run the "Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment" as administrator

6. Mount the boot-image with following command:
"Imagex /mountrw C:\WinPE\winpe.wim 1 C:\Mount"

7. Change directory to the .NET packages with:
cd /d"C:\Program Files\Windows Kits\8.0\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\x86\WinPE_OCs"

8. Add .Net packages to the mounted image with following commands:

dism /image:C:\Mount /add-package /packagepath:""
dism /image:C:\Mount /add-package /packagepath:"en-us\"

9. Copy the installed Eraser-Folder
(e.g. C:\Program Files\Eraser) to the mounted Image (e.g. C:\Mount\Program Files\Eraser)

10. Close image and commit changes with:

"Imagex /unmount /commit C:\Mount"

Now create the USB media

11. Copy the winpe.wim from C:\WinPE to C:\Program Files\Windows Kits\8.0\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\x86\en-us
Attention: Don't overwrite the winpe.wim! Rename it, bevor copying the winpe.wim!

12. Run command: "copype x86 C:\USB" (e.g. C:\USB, don't use an existing Folder, because then it occurs an error)

13. Run command: "makewinpemedia /ufd C:\USB E:" and confirm with "j"
(e.g. E: = destination = USB Media)
Attention: All Data on USB will be deleted!

Now a bootable USB would be created.
Boot from USB and change the directory to X:\Program Files\Eraser and run Eraser.exe.

Finish! Now enjoy

When i enable the Blackbox, will there be created any log or crash-file?
I enabled it, but i can't find a report or log-file.
Thanks for posting the info.

NiBoR said:
When i enable the Blackbox, will there be created any log or crash-file?
I enabled it, but i can't find a report or log-file.
In a normal Eraser installation, crash reports are saved to the Eraser 6 folder in the User's (hidden) Appdata/Local folder; they are in a separate sub-folder called (surprisingly) 'Crash reports'. Normally, if a report exists, Eraser asks to upload it when it restarts.

Oh, just a point: you need to include the correct Eraser assemblies that are for your particular platform.

If you are building an x86 WinPE environment you'll need to get the Eraser.Util.Native.dll from the 32-bit installation package (or a 32-bit installation of Eraser -- running on 32-bit Windows); vice versa if you are building an x64 WinPE environment.