Eraser accesses internet on every delete


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Hello all,

Was hoping somebody could tell me why everytime i right click on a file, go to "Eraser" then click accesses the internet. Zone Alarm (firewall software) has recorded 14 access attempts...each one it alerted me right after i clicked the delete option from the menu.

Is Eraser sending information about the file (such as filename, size, time to complete operation, ect)

I can click Deny in Zonealarm and the file deletes, but until i give an answer to either allow or deny internet access it freezes and does not delete the file until zone alarm gets a response from me.

It's actually a Windows module that accesses the internet, triggered by an Eraser request to check that the root certificates are valid, i.e. that no rogue plugins are installed. This should happen only once, on the first use of Eraser. Of course, if the firewall blocks the access, Eraser will try again.