Eraser acts funny in Vista x64


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Any version of Eraser I've used (including beta) has been acting weird in Vista x64. First, the context shell doesn't come up when right clicking files.

Second, when I delete internet explorer files, it doesn't seem to do it. I'll go into internet options and it'll still show all the files, I can double click them, and they load up the page/picture. Even when I put on scheduler to delete IE files after reboot, sometimes it still doesn't do it. Is this the correct location of IE7 files: C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files?

Is there anything I'm doing wrong? And when will the next version of eraser come out including beta?
For the IE history problem the folder is not a physical one. Eraser cannot erase the folder for you - the physical location is different. You'll probably have to use CCleaner or something like that for it. As for the shell not displaying your context menu I believe the beta solves it. The next beta will be released when enough bugs (by my arbitrary standards) are fixed to warrant a release.