Eraser Always Running in Background?


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I have been an eraser users for a number of years and i just installed the new version on a laptop that I have (win7 64-bit). I noticed that the program is always running and as processes go, it is one of my top idle consumers (about 20+ MB of ram). What is up with this? The previous version I was using 5.8 - only spawned processes when it was working on something. You MUST at the very least, give users an option (in settings), to NOT run in the task tray all of the time and only run when asked to do something.

I am not just a typical user - I am a principle software systems engineer for a fortune 100 company - so I specialize in software feature functionality and usability. I have other feedback if you are interested that could really make this software top notch. I just dont want to confuse my issue at hand and am not sure you guys receive feedback and do something about it.

What options do I have to make it function only when working on something? Is there a registry key or something else I can modify.

Please let me know - and thanks for all of your work.
The rationale behind this is detailed in this FAQ. I think that thread has got most questions addressed, do ask if you still have other queries. You can post any other suggestions you may have in the Programming forum if it warrants discussion, or on Trac if you are quite certain it can be implemented straight away.

tl;dr: it is to get around design limitations in the Windows OS (UAC -- which you probably disabled) and to be more intelligent in scheduling erasures (which has not yet been implemented, but the v5 design would prevent this from being possible)