Eraser and ESET Security Suite 4.0


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I have ESET Smart Security Suite 4.0 with the latest definitions and when I run Eraser 6.0.7 conflicts with ESET Security Suite 4.0 with latest definitions. I have tried going in and disabling the Suite's active file scanning program so I can run the program. When the two collide Windows Explorer.exe crashes and the computer becomes useless. I also have to uninstall and then reinstall Eraser for it to even run. Can anyone give me a patch or something because these are 2 great programs and I have never had this issue. I upgraded to ESET and I previously was using Symantec Endpoint Threat Management 64-bit and I have never have had this issue and that security program has a similar Active/Passive File Monitoring program.
Any security program that uses heuristic as well as signature scanning (which is most of them these days) will generate false positives, and all sorts of applications can be affected.

I don't use ESET, and cannot comment specifically, but I would be surprised if there were no mechanism for creating an exception or otherwise telling it that Eraser is safe. From what you say , ESET may have issues with Eraser adding items to the Explorer context menu. In the nature of things this is an ESET rather than an Eraser, issue, so If ESET has a user forum, I would report the problem and seek advice there.

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I'd think you should provide more details: type of error, what triggers it (= what you need to do to trigger the problem) and such before I can give any further advice.
I do not see how I was not clear on my first post but whatever. All you need to do is have ESET running normally and then try to run Eraser and then Eraser will crash usually. If it (Eraser) doesn't crash it becomes a 3 way battle between ESET, Eraser and Windows. Windows will always lose and you end up having to hard reset the computer. I thought it might be an outdated issue so I checked for updates on all 3 programs and everything is updated. :mrgreen:
I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with latest updates and the computer is a Sager NP9280.