Eraser and OSX Boot Camp XP


I have a Mac that I'm going to use BootCamp on so I can boot the Mac as a Windows machine. I believe BootCamp will make an NTFS partition to install Windows on to. Has anyone tried to use Eraser in this setup? What was your experience?
I believe that Bootcamp allows you to host a normal Windows licence within the Mac environment. If the behaviour with the Windows Registry and the runtime libraries is normal, I don't see any reason why Eraser should not run, though, as you have recognised, it should only be used on NTFS and FAT partitions.

Boot Camp should not affect Windows at all, however just be careful with the boot files as Eraser not play well with it (so do a backup first before running things like a free space erase for the first time). We've not seen complaints about this to date, so I'd be of the opinion that it's quite safe.