Eraser Auto starts fails & Eraser needs Administrator authority


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muscas, I have made critical additions & corrections to my previous post that needs to be passed to whoever is responsible for the Eraser "Installer". So, please reread my prior post on this subject. In summary, the two problems are:

1) It is not possible to Auto start programs that have to run with Admistrator authority using HKLM\...\Run or HKCU\...\Run! However, the same thing can be done using the Windows Task Scheduler to start the Eraser Scheduler task at Restart/LOGON. The specifics are in my prior post.

2) Depending upon the Windows release, there are different methods of running a task with Administrator authority: On Windows 7, you have to create a string in HKCU\...\Layers and it works. In every other release of Windows, it is my understanding that you have to create a string in HKLM\...\Layers. I could not test with these releases so I included two references to other Blogs that you might find useful. All of the specifics are in my prior post.

I am interested in getting Eraser (Wipe Drive) to run under WinPE so will do a little investings to see whether it is easy. Hope this information gets incorporated into Eraser because I really like the "elimination" of file names which contain a lot of "leaked" information.