Eraser bricked Surface Pro 3

Jason Lee

New Member
I installed the latest Eraser on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with a factory Windows 8.1 64-bit Professional , and Bitlocker turned on by default. Immediately upon execution of a wipe of an external SATA drive attached by USB, Windows Explorer crashed and before I could react, I got the Windows 8 version of BSOD "Something went wrong..." After a restart I am stuck in the UEFI menu. Nothing I do there gets me out of it. I took it to the Microsoft Store and they didn't know what to do. The Power Button , Volume Up/Down restart doesn't matter. I can't even boot off Windows DaRT USBs. Has anyone seen anything like this?
It is probable you triggered a latent fault in the machine. Are you certain you choose the correct drive to erase?

>>I can't even boot off Windows DaRT USBs.
That sounds like the motherboard has died.