Eraser Bug


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I just downloaded the latest version during installation it told me some plugins were missing and it installed something and saud it would only work after i restarted it, then i did that and i get an error in the file erasure method. there is no file erasure method to choose and it just blinks at me with a red excalmation mark.

Hummmmm not sure what i did wrong

I went back deleted the latest version 6.0.6 then i noticed on the website that the latest version came out on the15/12 and the older versions came out on the 16/12 and the 17/12 hummmmm now i am totally confused. So i have nbow installed the 5.8.8. version and it seems ok but stil cannot get the 6.0.6 to work

Build Name Version Release Date
Eraser 15/12/09 10:15am
Eraser 5.8.8 5.8.8 16/12/09 2:00pm
Eraser 5.8.8
portable 5.8.8 17/12/09 5:30pm
Eraser 5.7
for Windows 9x/Me 5.7 4/9/03 11:35pm
What version of Windows are you using? Did you apply the Root Certificates updates that Microsoft releases?
windows xp Sp3 no i did not apply any root certificates that Microsoft releases as I am unaware what that is and from all the reading thus far i do not see anything to suggest that i needed such root certificates.

I presume you may be talking about routine updates and yes my computer is completely uptodate as far as microsoft updates.
Try That links to a download containing the list of root certificates. Eraser needs these root certificates to verify that plugins are authentic and from verified vendors to prevent malicious code from loading by default.
Installation Eraser Bug etc.

Every time my personal computer boots up after installing the newest 'stable?' release of Eraser, a DOS prompt screen opens up with 'unknown command' -hide
Eraser version

After using Eraser 6 for a week, its generated way to many errors for routine tasks for me to say this is anything but beta busting. I'll uninstall Eraser 6 and install Eraser 5.8 for a much more stable platform to use.
That's because you didn't uninstall Eraser v5 before installing Eraser 6; alternatively, go to the System configuration tool (msconfig) and disable the Eraser.exe -hide command, or delete it from the registry (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Run)