Eraser "certification"


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The problem eraser solves is a true one, I will be happy to use it and recommend it to friends, but,...

I join this forum to get an answer for the following question.

If I want to personally use or, even more recommend a potential user of eraser, I like to know which, if any, "official" or "recognized body" has studied Eeraser's methods and results to "certify" that Eraser works properly an truly erase everything.
I do not question the good faith of the developpers but they may have not seen a possibily to turn around and find a way to read what they think the program is supposed to have erase.

I like to have a third party test Eraser in details and in various configurations and certify it is OK.
Wasit done and by whom ?

Thank you for the answer.
I don't think so. There's no organisation I know which does these things, I'm thinking you're looking for something like AV-comparatives but for Eraser-type software. I'd be glad to hear any organisations doing this.