Eraser completely screwed up my system



I was stupid enough to run this program and an hour later it completely screwed up my system disk. My system won't boot, most of the files are corrupted and I will never trust open source software AGAIN

FOSS? Free Open Source SHIT
I've about the same experience:

I got 4 HD's, I 'erased' 3 of them, including the C, and my system stops working.

I only could disconnect those 3 HD's and install Windows on the fourth one.

It seems I lost ALL my data!
Only as Good as the User

Same thing for me. Except in my case a friend teaching me as a newbie yelled "No!" as I hit the erase button and proceeded to delete all the files in my root directory.

I respect that not all software works under all circumstances, but I have used various versions of Eraser for almost 5 years.

I use Eraser 5.1. i noticed that there have been issues with new versions. 5.1 works wonderfully. Frankly, I always prefer older versions of personal security programs. It is always possible that successful organizations become corrupted, as Norton has become infiltrated by Amerika's Ministry of Fatherland Security.
You erased your C: drive with Windows on it and blame Erase now?! You must be insane. You know, it's actually possible to delete files that are necessary for Windows to run.
You're all either morons, or liars who are selling a competing product. Nothing else.

If you told Eraser to overwrite some of your files, then you're an idiot, and you have no one to blame other than yourself.

If you are a competitor, pissed off that Eraser kicks your ass and is free, well, too damned bad. I work for a software vendor myself, and I see losers lying about our products all the time. No, we don't do it in return--we just keep making better products.

I hate deceivers. And morons.
MLR1M said:
So? Eraser does work afterall !! :p

:evil: Obviously depending who is using it!!!

Don't understand......golden rule..... read or DO NOT touch it!!!

Program fine... user???

Cheers :roll: lovelyperson
It's like my old computer teacher said.

" The biggest sorce of computer problems. Is the ID10T between the keyboard and the chair."