Eraser consuming all free memory

Green Baron

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Been using Eraser (current version and prior) for some time and generally been happy. On a new windows7 64-bit build and running v6.0.8.2273 I've noticed when I empty my recycle bin the process takes an age and starts killing my machines performance, even when erasing just a few small files.

On further investigation, I used RamMap to determine that, when erasing the recycle bin the Mapped File (cached memory usage) shoots through the roof causing free memory to drop (typically from 4-5GB to 0).

Not sure if its always.. but certainly more often than not... I end up cancelling or killing the task prior to completion. Not sure how to proceed... can't imagine this is normal behaviour so has anyone seen this before and know of a resolution?


We've had several reports of this kind, but it is really difficult to track down the precise problem; there may of course be more than one. What we can say with confidence is what the problem is not caused by, which is anything in the Eraser design and coding as such.

Eraser 6 uses the .NET Framework, which itself is (in effect) part of the OS. It is .NET, rather than the applications built on it, that does the memory management. As, when Eraser 6 is working normally, its memory requirements are relatively modest, the problem must be that .NET is in some way failing to do the required garbage collection. In other words, you probably have a.NET installation that is damaged in some way. But what the damage is likely to be and what is the best means of repairing it is, I am afraid, not known to us.