eraser corrupts directories..


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After selecting to erase unused space I find now many anomalies on the hard drive and directories inaccessible. I get an error message--can't open directory, corrupted etc...

Now, I can't delete them. I can't open them.

I don't want to have to format the disk.

And this occurred (win xp) after merely telling eraser to erase UNused hard drive space. Good thing I didn't actually try to erase data, I guess.. :lol:
Any suggestions...How can I get rid of the corrupted files?
First, check the amount of disk space remaining. If any space has been 'lost' - or even if it hasn't - look in the FAQ for the topic on recovering 'lost' drive space, and use the instructions there to delete any Eraser files you find.

Beyond that, I'd need to know the Windows and Eraser versions you are using to be able to advise sensibly. But, as Eraser does not (indeed cannot) corrupt files and folders on its own, my guess is that you had a problem with the MFT before you ran it. I suggest that you do a disk check (ticking the option to fix errors automatically). If this is a system drive, Windows will almost certainly want to do the check on reboot, which is fine. One that is done, we can take the problem from there. The more specifically you describe the problem, the more likely we are to be able to help.

I was able to resolve this as follows

--First, yes, it required a disc check on reboot; that never seemed to complete.

--Then a disc check on the removable drive at issue, which failed

--Then another disc check on the removable drive that finally worked.

Wasn't easy, but got it done..
Yes, a dormant disk structure error would definitely be awoken by Eraser since we stress the disk and since we traverse the entire disk when erasing cluster tips. This is most likely a manifestation of the error.