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Good Day

I am a
Windows 7 home premium user x86
and downloaded Eraser release

It was working fine until I decided to change the schedule for the unused space erase task and it crashed. It appeared a message where windows stats that the program has caused an error and finished it.
Then I uninstalled installed and this time this message was displayed when trying to launch the app. :(
:arrow: Then again I uninstalled but this time I went to regedit and deleted all entries I could find with Erasr on it, restarted and reinstalled but the same issue. :cry:

Do you have any idea what can I do?

This sounds like one of the unresolved issues relating to free space wiping on which Joel is working. Were you trying to wipe the space on a system drive (C:), or on another drive? If it was the former, try wiping free space with the option to erase cluster tips disabled, and see if you get the same result.

Do you have a task log for the failed wipe? If so, what do the last few lines say?

Finally check your drive to ensure that there are no randomly named folders in the root of the drive containing randomly named files generated by Eraser; you should be able to identify them from the from the file dates/times as well as the random names. Delete (not erase) these folders and files to get all your free space back.

Yes it was the C: drive and it was ticked the erase cluster tips box....
I can not run it because it keeps the eraser error message on windows that eraser has caused an error and will be stopped inmediately... I have uninstalled / installed several times in all possible escenarios
There are no logs and there is no unused space wasted.
It just happenned when trying to edit the scheduler from the task

thansk for the prompt reply
Sorry, I misunderstood your problem originally.

There's a good chance that you have a corrupt task list file. Read other threads on the forum (e.g. the 'sticky' near the top of the list of threads, about installing 6.0.7 over a 6.1 build), and find and delete the file Task List.ersx.

A similar crash was reported earlier and has been fixed in the Eraser 6.0 branch, if you want to, you can use the 6.0.8.x branch builds, which no longer have this issue (but if your Eraser is already crashing, you'll still need to delete the task list)