Eraser Crashes Everytime I Attempt To Erase Cluster Tips


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I thought long file name paths caused the problem and I shortened some and Eraser ran longer before stopping.

But now I have Thumbs.db that stops it every time. I can't see the length of the Thumbs.db path because the path is shown only as 3 dots (...) and also because I can't find it, I can't delete it.

I did a search of my C:\ drive and deleted all the Thumbs.db found but subsequent runs still fail.

I de-fragmented but that just moved the Thumbs.db and Eraser stops anyway.

Running XP Home Media Center at SP 2 or 3 w/McAfee security. Years ago ran Norton but "removed" it. I have the most recent Eraser (free version 5.84)
Hi Carver, :)

I agree the page you linked to should be updated and you were right to point it out. However the download page and also Source Forge shows Eraser 5.86 as being the most recent.