Eraser crashes explorer in vista whilst cleaning unused spac

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Hi Folks i will try once more to get an answer to my problem from someone !!!! please


core 2 duo e660 asus mobo vista edition 2 gb ocz ram

3 drives

2 @ raid 0 sata
1x staright sata

when i use eraser (All editions) including betas

when ever i try to erase unused space just after cluster tips are at around 14% the screen darkens and i get the windows explorer has stopped working box windows has stopped working etc will inform you of a fix this happens on both my xp and vista boxes the only simularity i can see is they both use asus mobo they are both set up as raid 0

Hope some one can help me at long last

Thank you

If at 14% you still are clearing the cluster tips then yes it may be caused by the long file name issue. (mentioned as fixed in one of the earlier posts)

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