Eraser crashes Explorer (Win98)



I'm using Eraser 5.7 with Windows 98. Frequently, when I Erase files from my default download folder (Briefcase), I encounter Explorer crash error. It happens maybe 25% of the time ... when I Right Mouseclick on the highlighted file(s) and select "Erase".

Any ideas ?
Try turning Entropy Polling off.

Go to:
Untick the field 'Enable Background (slow) Entropy Polling'.
admin said:
Try turning Entropy Polling off
Shouldn't this option be turned off by default? Perhaps removing it altogether might not be such a bad idea? Especially since Windows seems to have quite a few problem with background entry polling (something to do with reading performance data through registry, possibly).
Entropy Polling WAS off

Thanks for the speedy reply. I looked at the Entropy Polling as you suggested; however, it was already unchecked.

Any other thoughts on what might be crashing Explorer when I Erase files ?
I uninstalled, and then reinstalled Eraser 5.7.

I'm still experiencing occasional "Explorer Crash" when I erase files.
Crash at 60%

I am using 5.7 with win98se, and I am now getting a crash every time the program gets to 60% [when erasing unused] -- I have uninstalled, and re-installed -- made sure that I have enough RAM etc. -- I never had this problem with 5.6 -- so, I am wondering if I should have updated or not now :?:

I have 2 80gig hard drives and 2 CDburners as well as 2 floppies -- running at 950 with 384Ram -- anyone have any suggestions -- or know how I can get a previous version back? :roll: :x