Eraser crashes with no internet access


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Using Eraser, I've deployed it to some virtual win7 guests that can't have internet access, and eraser crashes complaining about it's inability to contact a cryptographic service provider. Eraser 6.0.7 just timed out, is there a possibility of working around this or do I have to come up with a new secure erasing method?
Eraser uses Windows Root Certificates, and does ask Windows to validate the certificates on first use, and occasionally thereafter. It does not, I believe, have any use for a cryptographic service provider (though the certification authority may, of course, do that as well).

The program ought to continue running even when the certificate change fails. What are the precise symptoms of the 'crash'?

Okay, this does sound like an issue I've seen before. Are you able to detail steps to allow a replication of this issue? I would like to have this fixed for good.