Eraser crashing Explorer.exe


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When: When using Eraser to erase unused space by selecting a drive from My Computer.

Symptom: After a short while of erasing, a generic icon reading "show desktop" will appear in the quicklaunch area of the taskbar (in this case, TrueLaunchBar), and will not disappear. Onmousover:ing on it or clicking the icon results in explorer.exe hanging. Quitting Eraser before this happens doesn't make the icon disappear either.

Repeatable: Yes, every time.

Version: Eraser 5.8.8-beta1
OS: Win 7 64 bit.
Are you using an unused space erasure with the erase cluster tips on? If so likely the program you are using is misbehaving (your task bar isn't the stock Windows one, am I right?) when the contents of files it monitors are modified.

Correct on all assumptions, I will try and see if it fails at all while using an unmodified quick launch menu, and if the problem is related to TrueLaunchBar alone, I will forward this to the creator - thanks!