eraser crashing system


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:cry: Eraser is crashing my system. I am running Eraser 5.6 on Win2K with NTFS.

I schedule Eraser and configure it to run at night. When I get in in the morning, I notice that my PC has restarted and the C: drive has a bunch of eraser temp files (~ERAFWWD.00??) files.

What could be causing this? How can I better troubleshoot this problem?

Some questions:

Have you ran scandisk/chkdsk on the drive?

Do you know of any process running during the night? e.g. defrag or AV scanner?

What about the powersave options? e.g screensaver using resources or HD powerdown.

I have run chkdsk before running Eraser. This will happen when I am not running any overnight process. I do have a screen saver. Do you think that this could be it? I will try and have the screen saver disabled.

Some more information: I ran Eraser on demand and noticed that the eraser temporary directories were created when it said that it was erasing unused disk space. It finished up some time last night (screen saver one) and all though it did not crash my PC, it still left about six temporary directories behind.

One other item on my PC configuration, I have my D: drive junctioned (linked) on the C: drive. Eraser should then do both drive when I only select the C: drive and the junctioned D; drive looks like another directory.

Another interesting item, probably does not have any thing to with my problem, but when these temporary directories, the status box had the following message:
Erasing: Unused disk space
Removing Temporary Files..

Item: C:\
Pass: 644889 minutes

That is a lot of minutes!

Is it possible to get a little more help here.