Eraser CREATES a file of same size


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I'm running Eraser 5.8 beta. When I drag a file into the eraser window and select run the program erases my file but creates a new file with exactly the same size. This new file has no extension and for example it is named 'Dq3b2tfc' which does not bear any obvious relation to the name of the file erased.

Could someone please explain what is going on here?

It's a re-named temp over-write file - the same size as what's being over-written, of course - that should be removed automatically when Eraser's finished with it.

Is that not happening? Pete
Pete should that not be “~ERAFSWD.TMP” not Dq3b2tfc, at any rate I would check the files propertys to see if the creation date matches the date f the erased program and open the file itself to see what is in it. That said Windows will rename files, but the reason is unrelated to Eraser. Something else would have to be going on.
Carver - I'm really not familiar with dragging and dropping files into Eraser (I don't do it that way, preferring the right-click method for on-the-fly stuff), so you're probably right.

Examination of the file created - if possible - is indeed indicated. Along with some kind of indication of what the original file-type was and the users' OS. Pete